Pretty Rhythm – Power of Clothing

lolwut so we have this extremely clumsy girl who trips on invisible air whenever she moves her feet, she can’t even walk far before she trips let alone stand while wearing ice skates. But once the power of clothing activate and she hears their song she suddenly can figure skate and do a freaking turn in the air and land it without messing up.

I know…facepalm.

I understand this isn’t an anime to take seriously, but man…my face hurts from all the facepalming. The second and third episodes were alright though, not by a lot, but enough for me to give it a few more tries. lol

One thing I can’t get used to is the change between 2D animation and the 3D animation of the dancing. It just feels odd.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm – Power of Clothing

  1. You need the special Pretty Rhythm face protecting, cushioned gloves. These gloves look awesome. They come in many vibrant colors, and they include heavy padding to cushion your face during those facepalm-worthy moments.

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