Madoka Magica – Goddess Madoka

Pretty much guessed Madoka’s wish would involve saving the magical girls from becoming witches, didn’t guess that her wish would include ALL past, present and future magical girls! Her wish destroyed her own existence, but she became a higher existence, one that can transcend time/space and is able to change it, Madoka has become a God(dess)!

Awesome finale. I was worried how it would end, or if the end would disappoint me, but I loved it. Seems she was able to change the magical girls’ fate of becoming witches after falling into despair, but it didn’t seem she was able to change their fate of death. Seeing as Sayaka died once again in this new/changed universe. D:

But Mami and Kyouko lived WHY NOT SAYAKA!? DDDDDDDD:

She may have changed the universe, but the battle of the magical girl still rages on as wizards/sorcerers replace the witches. It seemed everything was going to end well for the girls, I thought it a bit cheesy to be honest, but that is not the case. A wish granted by someone else is truly a bitch, she wished for witches to be gone forever and wizards/sorcerers replace them. The magical girls’ fight rages on.

Good thing too, I thought with the witches gone the magical girls will be gone too…AND WE DON’T WANT OUR MAGICAL GIRLS TO DISAPPEAR RIGHT!?

7 thoughts on “Madoka Magica – Goddess Madoka

  1. Sayaka did not survive because she had become a witch already in that timeline. The other girls died from attacks by witches. With witches removed they would not have died – hence why they came back.

  2. Sayaka had already given herself over to despair. If she reached it again, it would just mean poofing out of existence anyway. So, y’know, what’s the point of coming back just for her to see her crush be with her best friend? With all the crap that happened to her, it’s sort of understandable.

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