Oretachi ni Tsubasa ha Nai – DAT FANG

*nutbladder explodes*

Watching the first two minutes of the first episode for this anime almost made me want to drop it at that instance. God man, all the terrible things about an anime were jampacked in those few minutes. But I endured, and am glad I did.

It seems there are multiple stories going on here, and two of them are pretty fun to watch. Shuusuke is so hilarious with his perversion/awkwardness while Hayato seems to be the tough uncaring jack of all trades (which of course he really isn’t).

…the third, though it was that few minutes of hell, seems to have this fantasy feeling to it. Not really sure what’s going with him, but he seems to have some sort of hormone which attract all the ladies to him and makes them act like copy pasta version of horrible female (harem) leads.

I wonder how, or if they are, connected at all. For now I’ll keep with it and enjoy DAT FANG~

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