End of Winter ’11 Quickies

Spring is around the corner and most Winter anime season have come to an end. Here are a few words on these anime that have ended.

Dragon Crisis!

For the most part, Dragon Crisis was okay to watch. Wasn’t a fan of Ryuuji. But I dealt with it, I was looking forward to seeing that hetero-chromatic wolf girl I saw in the opening sequence. It was all fine and good ’till we got to the last few episodes with that dragon ritual or whatever it was. I felt that plot device was too forced. Here we have Rose being all affectionate with Ryuuji and not really feeling weird about it, but come the ritual it suddenly makes her feel awkward towards him.

That awkwardness is the feeling of first love. I’m all up for that, but it was too sudden, I’ll rather liked if it was a smooth transition where Rose took her time to realize it rather than being abrupt.

I wouldn’t say Dragon Crisis was interesting, but it was something good to pass the time with. Well, the opening song is awesome at least! XD


To Aru Majutsu no Index II

God I fukken love To aru Majutsu no Index! I love the science vs religion theme they’re going for and how they clash with each other, making the battles awesome! Although they could be a bit longer and less long winded…seriously dudes, less talking more fighting!

But then again, we’ll miss Touma preaching, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Index was fun to watch from beginning to end, with the ending leaving me wanting more more and more! We’ll hopefully get more and see the full out science vs religion war they spoke about. Can’t wait!


Kore ha Zombie Desu ka?

This anime has the most enjoyable first episode this last season. Completely unexpected hilarity. Loved it! But then the following episodes weren’t as great/funny…but enjoyable nonetheless. I saw a few people tweeting and saying they weren’t enjoying the latter emotional/drama part of the anime. But I thought it was great, especially since we get to see emotions from the emotionless Yuu and got to know a bit about her.

Kore ha Zombie Desu ka was fun and enjoyable to watch. Something to recommend to friends…or rewatch if you’re ronery.


Wandering Son

I was hooked when I read this anime was about a guy who cross dresses. Trap anime? I’m fukken there!

Though I was surprised after watching the first episode. Surprise that it was an anime tackling the issue on a serious note and not as a fanservicey anime catering to trap fans…and I really like it. Good to see something a little more on the serious side.


Infinite Stratos

This anime was rather fun to watch with an interesting premise it didn’t quite lived up to. I know there are a lot of things wrong with it since episode one, and accepting that made me enjoy watching it. And how can you say no to skin tight suits, girls on mechas, and BRITANNIA! HOW!? YOU CAN’T!

The main character, Ichika, is your stupid male lead who cannot grasp or understand the obvious hints the ladies give him. An undeserving harem lead. I’ve met lots of these types of leads, so I’m able to stand it. Still pissed me off, but I got over it by the minute.

With that, I managed to finish off the anime. Could have used more battles and the ones it did have could have been longer…but heh, it helped pass the time.


Rio Rainbow Gate

Yeah, I managed to finish this anime. I watched it all. Give me a prize!

This is a fanservicey anime so not many will watch it…and that’s fine. But for someone like me who doesn’t care what kind of anime it is as long as I find some entertainment in it, this is right up my alley!

yeah, it was dumb as I thought, but I had good laughs with it. Not something I’ll recommend to anyone though! XD


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