Suite Precure – STOP SCREAMING!

Is this gonna be a recurring theme? Will they always fight in every freaking episode!?

Going by these six episodes…I guess so. -_-

These ladies sure like to argue, any little thing sets them off and then it just escalates and escalate until they’re screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. I wonder if they should be in some anger management program. But well, in the end they end up going back to being good friends and the cycle repeats again next episode. :/

They need to chill down a bit and stop screaming at each other.

6 thoughts on “Suite Precure – STOP SCREAMING!

  1. I’ve been watching it as well (Heartcatch was good, had high hopes for this), and I’m a little disappointed that they spent 6 episodes fixing the friendship of the main characters, when it should have been resolved in 2 tops.

    Anyway, the yuri subtext of this show is basically the only thing that keeps me watching anyway. >.>

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