Madoka Magica – Time Traveler

Last episode, we found out Homura came back in time to stop Kyuubey from making a contract with Madoka. I accepted that readily, but it didn’t quite answer the question why Homura was so hellbent on saving Madoka and being a lot more serious concerning Madoka’s contract. Why was she so desperately trying to stop the contract, it can’t be just to prevent the birth of the strongest witch right? That is one reason, but we also find out it’s because she has gone through countless repetitions of the same events…events where we found out she saw her very first friend(s) die over and over again.

Those repetitions made the rather shy and weak constitutioned Homura into the cold badass she is right now. I don’t like that, going back in time and redoing shit over and over. I readily accepted it last episode thinking she did it only once, but now that I know she can [apparently] do it countless times…meh.

The episode was still pretty good though. I wanted to know more about Homura and I got it. Now that I know what makes her tick, I like her even more!

Last ep we got aliens, this ep a time traveler, introduce an ESPer and Haruhi will be thrilled.

6 thoughts on “Madoka Magica – Time Traveler

  1. I’m surprised at the wide range of emotions some watchers had in the aftermath of the revelations shown this episode. Some thought it brilliant execution-wise, others thought it lame for its relative unoriginality (ESPECIALLY since some message boards managed to predict these twists more than a month before) — there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.

    Really, it’s VERY hard to come up with something 100% original, and as a writer I understand that the best many of us can do is try to make sure that the execution/presentation of the themes, plot, or characters is somewhat different… Which is what I thought the episode succeeded at. At the very least, it made one feel for Homura’s almost hopeless fight.

  2. Again, I am reminded of Madoka’s mother’s speech. Her mother said that it is better to make mistakes when young then as an adult. In the previous loops, Madoka acted like and adult…and things did not end well. In this loop, she is acting like a child. This suggests that her not being a strong adult in this loop will be a game changer…that is *if* she doesn’t start acting like a strong adult…

    • I think she’s an adult now. Or at least thinking as one. She knows what’s going on in the magical girl side of things, she has seen her friends die in front of her, yet she still goes out there trying to at least help in what she can.

      If she was still a child she would go cry to mommy in hopes mother will make everything bad go away. The only thing she did was talk to her mother while keeping things secret.

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