Fresh Precure – Mahou Shoujo Overdose

A few weeks ago, after watching Madoka and how it was killing our beloved Magical Girls, I decided to watch something a bit lighter. I picked Pretty Cure. I watch this when I’m bored out of my mind and don’t want to do anything else because it’s really facepalm worthy. I finished that first season a few days ago, which was alright, nothing really great to talk about.

After that I looked at Wikipedia and learned not all of the precure are connected to each other (some are but not all), meaning I could watch one without having to go through all the seasons before it.

So I decided to watch Fresh Pretty Cure because it has one character I completely fell in love with at first sight…Eas (one of the baddies). I just love her character design, it’s so badass and sexy! And so far, I’m enjoying these series, I just finished the available episodes (1-24) and those last few were totally awesome!

If there’s one thing to give credit to Pretty Cure, it’s the fighting. From what I’ve seen they’re pretty damn good at it. It’s not all just magic and waving of the magic stick. They get in there and kick, punch, and/or supplex the bad guys! It’s very satisfying watching girls kick down a monster three to four times their size!

And nothing is more satisfying than watching two girls fight each other and becoming friends after completely duking it out and tiring themselves out! SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS WITH YOUR FISTS!

For a second there I almost thought they were gonna kill my beloved Eas, which they did, but remembered this wasn’t Madoka, meaning she won’t be dead for long. The power of frenship and LOVE made her into a Pretty Cure NOT EVEN FIVE MINUTES after her supposed death.

Tacky and cheesy…but loving every moment of it!

But now that I reached the available episodes, I have to wait for more to come out. So until then I guess I’ll watch the second season of Futari ha Pretty Cure. Oh, I’m also watching Suite Precure.

I think I’m overdosing in mahou shoujo! XD

2 thoughts on “Fresh Precure – Mahou Shoujo Overdose

  1. You definitely are overdosing mahou shoujo :D

    Mahou Shoujos have never been my cup of tea but from your blogs I guess there are some good qualities about the genre.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen any mahou shoujo series xD

    • I think the game changer was Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. After watching that series, I don’t think I’ve seen a ‘normal’ magical girl anime (a la Sailormoon/Cardcaptor).

      If you’re looking to watch some magical girl series, give Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha a try, or Madoka!

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