Madoka Magica – Alien Invasion

Well shit, Kyuubey is a freaking alien! He revealed they, yes they, want to conserve the universe’s energy with the huge amount of energy brought out by the magical girls whenever they experience hope/despair. Meaning the life of a magical girl saves the universe.

What I find scary, is Kyuubey using the plural form for first person pronouns. He’s not saying me, I, or myself…he’s saying we…there’s more than one of these fuckers!? He had, and ate, a spare body…but was that a different Kyuubey? Are they all one entity?

And Kyuubey becomes more of a dick as episodes goes by, and this time he was the dickiest. It gave Kyouko false hope by telling her she could able to save Miki from her witch form by vaguely saying a magical girl can do the most surprising and unbelievable of things…then he comes back and tells Homura it was obviously impossible…

Meaning we lost Kyouko now. ;_;


(I’m loving every moment though.)

4 thoughts on “Madoka Magica – Alien Invasion

  1. Those Kyuubey has a silhouette of a pokemon.
    They should have a

    “What’s that pokemon?!”

    caption under it :D

    You love every moment the magical girls are lead to their demise?
    You Ebul person :P

  2. We got alien on a mahou shojou show :D.
    An alien doesn’t mean must came from outer space or other planet, right?
    It could be came from another dimension.

  3. Incubator, in this world we OBEY the laws of thermodynamics!”

    Seriously though, the QB alien(s) remind me of the Strangers from “Dark City.” They may be from another one of the multiverses/timelines to suck the energy from this one via Magical Girls…kind of like Asimov’s “The Gods Themselves.”

    This series has turned into the Magical Girl version of “To Serve Man.” Aliens promise and deliver wonderful things and then use humans like cattle…all with out lying outright. If I were Madoka, I’d be screaming all over the place “IT’S A COOKBOOK!!!”

  4. We Incubators are doing it for the universe!!!

    Joking aside I think we still haven’t seen all the drama that will ensue from next episode and on. :P

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