Madoka Magica – Birth of a Witch

Pretty much saw this coming a mile away, ever since the mention of Soul Gems and how they get tainted when the mahou shoujo use magic. Then we saw Miki go crazy and it was apparent that she would become a witch. :(

What I didn’t see coming was Homura actually showing some emotions. And also that she’s from the future! Woah! She came back in time to prevent Madoka from becoming a mahou shoujo because she knows something about Kyuubey we all pretty much guessed…that it is planning something and that HE’S THE FREAKIN’ DEVIL!

I knew that wasn’t his real form!

I was glad when he got shot, I woo’d…but then I realized it wouldn’t be that easy to take that little devil down…and a new one appeared.

7 thoughts on “Madoka Magica – Birth of a Witch

  1. And then he ate all his blasted corpse up like it was mashed potatoes or something. Had to be the creepiest thing that ever happened in a magical girl show well, maybe since Utena >.>;.

  2. I was like “YESSS FINALLY KILLED” until he reappeared and ate his own corpse :O

    but yeah, so many speculations turned out to be true and all that left for the speculator is to speculate the real ending XDDD;;

    • Yeah, I’m still watching IS, really liked episode 08 where Laura’s stick was finally taken out of her ass. I just don’t feel like posting about it for some reason. I’m watching a lot but I only feel like posting for Madoka. :/

  3. Ahh ok,
    Thing is I hate streaming anime because I can’t screenshot as much as I do with kmplayer and waiting for episodes to air really kills me.

    I’m at my wits when it comes to animes I really want to watch and when they’re airing I try to hard to stop myself from watching them and waiting week by week for following episodes. If I start streaming the anime, I wouldn’t be able to do anything else or think properly cause I would constantly think about it.

    I just wanna get all the episodes when they finish. Your blogs provide little excitements to my boring life while I’m waiting for the animes to finish :p

    It gets me excited when I see tiny spoilers on your blog xD So I really appreciate your blogging. Madoka seems to have magical girls and literally little girls along with a mix of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni which are both not my thing xP but it seems that you make it sound interesting enough for me to actually read some more reviews on the anime and they have all been positive :o

    Keep up your good work :P

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