Madoka Magica – Miki Snaps

Dammit Miki, stop raising death flags!!

Things continue to go to hell for our beloved magical girls, specifically for Miki. Now that she knows her body is fake, she can’t bring herself to get close to Kamijou. And Kamijou seems to be getting distant with her, he didn’t tell her about his hospital discharge nor his return to school. This makes me think he’s going to come out and say he likes a different girl (very likely).

Not only that, Kamijou may be stolen by her Miki’s friend Hitomi. She gave Miki a day’s notice, if Miki doesn’t confess her feelings to Kamijou, Hitomi will confess hers. And what does Miki do, NOT CONFESS because of her zombie body…and to deal with that decision, she snaps and goes psycho on a witch.

I wonder how Miki will change after this. Sure she’s wishing for someone else…but that smile…

One thought on “Madoka Magica – Miki Snaps

  1. I suppose this also qualifies as “snapping”, but I thought she took the chance to take Kyubey’s offer of going deeper or whatever, so that she couldn’t feel pain but had the slower reaction times, rather than just merely going crazy.

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