Ore no Imouto – Good End

Well there goes my idea on how this “Good End/True End” was going to work. Everything was going well until Kirino said she was staying in Japan. I thought this would happen:

The “Good End” would have Kirino flying off to America and end the episode with Kuroneko calling a very lonely Kyousuke “senpai”. Then the episodes leading to the “True End” would include Kyousuke going to America and bringing Kirino back by shouting “I’M FUKKEN LONELY WITHOUT YOU!”

But since Kirino stayed…there goes my theory.

The anime was pretty fun to watch, but there was an annoyance, named Kirino. She may have acted cute during those last two episodes, but I still think of her as an annoying little sister, just what a little sister is supposed to be, so it’s fine.

Expecting the “True End” to be a lot better than this creepy “Good End”…Kyousuke was a little to enthusiastic there…

3 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto – Good End

  1. Yeah, I have to say that I was getting more and more annoyed, second-by-second near the last few minutes because I was waiting for Kuroneko’s hesitant ‘Sempai?’. The ending only got worse when I realized that it ended without any actual conclusion to Kuroneko’s “I’ll be calling him something different soon” comment.

    I suppose they’re saving that for S2, but having Kuroneko appear after Kirino leaves for the US would have been a better cliffhanger than this lol-tv-anime “good” end.

    BTW: I agree. Good end would be Kirino leaving, Kyousuke being depressed a bit at school, and after the welcome ceremony, when he’s dawdling around behind the building, him hearing a hesitant ‘Sempai?’ and turning around to see Kuroneko shyly peeking around the corner at him. May not be perfectly accurate, but hey, they claimed it was supposed to be a Good End, right?

    So when d’ya think S2’ll come out?

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