Futari ha Pretty Cure – Facepalm

What the hell!? What cheap shit was that? Picked this up from where I left of who knows how many months ago and watched eps 21-24. The baddie practically had all seven stones he was looking for, this super strong dude pulled the stone guardian out of whatever dimension he was in and took the stones away from the girls, and when all seven were in the same area, they activated.

But it conveniently proved too strong for him to handle (“I didn’t know they were THIS strong!”…seriously dude, IT CAN CREATE A WORLD HINT HINT) and the girls magically got them back without a problem with the excuse of ‘a miracle really did happen’. That was retarded.

Oh well, I’m not really paying attention to it and watched it out of absolute boredom. :/

In other news…previous post was post number 666!! AYATSUJI IS SATAN!

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