Milky Holmes – Case Closed

Woah, those last two episodes were pretty good! If only the rest of the anime was as bad-ass as those two. Oh well, retarded fun is all good too! What I found dumb was that they got their toys back, they figured out Arsene was Henriette because bewbs (great evidence gathering detectives!), and they didn’t […]

Twelve Anime Moments ’10

I was not planning on making this list because I missed the starting point, like last year…and this year I’m four days away from when the ‘moment’ posts are supposed to end. But hey, nothing says I can’t make one big post for all my favorite moments in anime for 2010! I watched even less […]

MM! – You’re M if You Finish This

Uhh…what can I say about this anime…the beginning episodes were entertaining and pretty good. But after the whole Arashiko drama, it started to suck. It was apparent in that weird ass episode 05 where I had no idea whose ass all that shit was coming from. I’ll admit, it was entertaining, but not good. Yet […]

Amagami SS – Late Reaction

HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP AYATSUJI 180 PERSONALITY CHANGE!! HNNNGGGGGHH!!! Late reaction is late. Dam, I haven’t posted anything in almost a month…what the hell have I been doing that I forgot about this little place? I don’t think I was even doing anything… >_> Oh well, leave it to Black Ayatsuji and M Junichi to […]