MM! – Not Good Enough

I cannot accept this. This is his punishment for scarring a girl, hitting her, and even spreading nasty rumors about her. The punishment is a simple threat, don’t get close or talk to Yuuno or this will be released to the public.

He might keep his promise and keep his distance but what would stop him from doing the same thing to another girl?

That punishment is not good enough.

6 thoughts on “MM! – Not Good Enough

  1. Indeed, but it makes you wonder what the fuck her parents were doing when it happened.

    I’m just not sold on the idea that she gets scared of men because of one asshole.
    They tried to be serious and dramatic when they explained it, but really, can’t you just contact the police and be over with it?

    I just feel this “I had no friends so I became sad” thing is just extremely retarded. I didn’t have any friends for about two years and guess what? I didn’t give a fuck. Right now I have one, maybe two people I’d consider friends, and I’m completely fine with it.

    • Anime parents do not exist 90% of the time! (joking)

      I forgot where I read this, but it seems most Japanese women do not report abuse/assault/etc. because they will be looked down (as if they’re not already) and their reputation will plummet. Don’t remember the source so I can’t say if it’s true or not. Maybe I shouldn’t even have mentioned this… :/

      And yes, a man can easily scar a girl, especially the more reserved ones.

  2. Unfortunately, there isn’t a good way to really deal him what he deserves. I wish MC pounded the guy down and gave his pretty face a few more scars, but that’d be needlessly violent. The only real way to give him what he deserves is to bring it out as a criminal case under sexual assault, except… that’s NOT desirable on Yuno’s end since it would involve the whole neighborhood learning this issue all over, and social rumors generated by stuff like this hurts. >.>
    also chances are, her parents didn’t know about it, or they had hints but she just won’t tell the details for them to figure out whom to direct anger upon— happens a lot irl too.

  3. Well. I don´t know what the “massage” did to his limbs. But if it is a special style then who knows? We are not given the information.

    But we do hear him scream. So it must at least have hurt.

    Otherwise I agree. It´s way to weak of a punishment for a guy like that.

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