Autumn ’10 – Final Round

Green O = Watch ASAP
Purple ? = I’ll maybe watch it weekly…if I remember to.
Red X = Skip

I watched pretty much the first ep of all the anime up there with a few exceptions, these are those exceptions:

Tegami Bachi Reverse – Didn’t watch the first season so I won’t watch this one.
Bakuman – Have yet to watch the first episode, but I will sometime soon. I read the manga so I’ll leave this alone for a while.
Kuragehime – Not right now, am watching way too much.
Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan 2 – lol forgot to finish first season.
Hetalia Axis Powers 4th Season – Dang I don’t even know what ep I stopped watching. Marathon in the future maybe?
Super Robot Taisen – Mecha not ~*FABULOUS*~ enough. Well if I get tired of Star Driver i’ll try this one.
Pokemon Best Wishes – I think she is not in it so no merit in watching.
Battle Spirits Brave – Not interested.
Karl to Fushigina Tou | Are you delicious? | Rita et Machin | R+100f – Meh.

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