Autumn ’10 – Round Four

Soredemo Machi ha Mawatteiru


We like maids right? Yeah we do! But sadly, I won’t keep up with this for now. Which is weird considering I like these type of anime where not much goes on and jokes are odd and dumb. But I got Arakawa for this season so I’ll skip on this one.

Motto To LOVE Ru

To Love Ru is a stupid anime. The situations are dumb, the coincidental body touching/exposing are too damn predictable/tasteless {well yeah it is a fanservice anime}, Rito is an annoying wuss {be a bit more perverted Rito!}, and Lala annoys me, seriously, this Tomatsu Haruka role needs to shut up.

But even so, I MIGHT keep up with this…why? Because the girls are so god damn pretty! Love the character designs and art. I don’t know if I’ll watch it weekly or in chunks for whenever I’m bored out of my mind. Skipping for now though. :/

Iron Man

An anime about Iron Man! I’m not a fan of Iron Man, don’t know why I never took a liking to him as opposed to other Marvel heroes…he’s the same rank as The Hulk, way at the bottom. But thanks to the movies I changed my mind a bit, opting me to give Iron Man anime a try. Watched two episodes and so far it’s alright. Art a bit weird but I can overlook that.

Arakawa Under the Bridge X Bridge

Random gag anime. Yeah this is a keeper like the first season was.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Loli detectives!

It would be weird for me NOT to watch it! :D But I feel like I’ll forget about it with all the other anime going on being better.

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