The Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Here Comes Lelouch

(Not really…) I thought the Alpha Stigma was unique, so when I learned that other people also had it, I knew more would appear with it, killing it’s uniqeness. But then comes this guy. Tiir Rumibul bears a different kind of Alpha Stigma, yup there are types. And he EATS people with his eyes, takes […]

Yosuga no Sora – End

Aww already? And here I was hoping to see how the rest of the anime would pan out now that he chose a girl. Would he have changed his mind, saying he really likes someone else? Would there be a complete 180 turn on his feelings and go the incest route? Damn, too bad. It […]

[Filler] Double Nutbladder Explosion

OH GAWD BLUSHING JUVIA~ HGGNNNHHNN!! This anime/manga needs more, A LOT MORE, Juvia! {BTW, bishounen Natsu and confused Lucy was freakin’ hilarious! } OH GAWD RIBBON-LESS ZAKURO~ HGGNNNHHNN!! The ribbons are kinda distracting. I like this look more~ {BTW, totally laughed my ass off when Agemaki started singing! That dude cracks me up. }

MM! – Not Good Enough

I cannot accept this. This is his punishment for scarring a girl, hitting her, and even spreading nasty rumors about her. The punishment is a simple threat, don’t get close or talk to Yuuno or this will be released to the public. He might keep his promise and keep his distance but what would stop […]