Amagami SS – Sae Arc End

Death by Moe! The only way to die-nyan~! The arc was fun, more than expected thanks to the narration which made it that much funnier. Sae was cute but wasn’t really a fan of her voice, Konno Hiromi, couldn’t even watch the full ED sequence. Which is weird considering I love Satomi Arai’s voice, which has been described [by some] as the most annoying thing ever heard. But that’s okay, Sae was a pretty good for a shy character. She may have been shy but was also a bit more assertive than Junichi in my opinion.

Speaking of Junichi…Junichi I am disappoint. What? NO WEIRD BODY PART KISSING!? You kissed her lips, but that’s not good enough! Learn from the fish Junichi! Next arc you better not disappoint fetish master!

Next is Umehara’s Arc…wait what? Oh, Nanasaki. NANASAKI!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Looking forward to this!

2 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Sae Arc End

  1. You know, i really enjoyed this arc!
    Maybe because we saw Sae’s character really change the way we wanted.

    And btw, her voice really grew on me….

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