Amagami SS – Voice From Above

The third arc of Amagami SS has one great thing the previous arcs didn’t, and that is THE VOICE OF GOD narration! The narration makes this arc a hella of a lot funnier than it’s supposed to be. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this arc as Nakata Sae didn’t strike me as someone interesting in the previous episodes. Shy girl who finds it hard to raise her voice and talk? I’ve seen lots of shy girls want to come out and be able to speak up, so I wasn’t really excited about her arc…add to that her voice, which annoyed me a bit, and enthusiasm goes even lower.

But now, I’m really enjoying her arc thanks to the awesome narration and the awesome ideas Junichi gets for his training. That dude is still the fetish master and makes Sae not only change into a swimsuit twice this episode, but he makes a mock interview like those one in pron videos as she was getting fondled by fish. Taking the chance when it strikes. WAY TO GO JUNICHI!

4 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Voice From Above

  1. Hey, don’t forget the breast grabbing and squeezing… he really made the most of the chick’s trip reacting in a second to taste her most “eye-catching” feature and made it look like an accident. WAY TO GO!

  2. @Sergio: As long as he isn’t overly perverted like the annoying side kick staple to harem shows. (None here though XD)

    @Sergio: All according to his plan!

    @Mushyrulez: That would be a lot more awesomer if it was!! But no, it’s some old sounding dude.

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