ToHeart2 ad-next OVA – Manaka Love

PANTS AXPLODE!!!!!! GAWD MANAKA IS SO HGGGGGGGGGGGGNNNNNNH!!!! And for a fan of Manaka like me, this episode was awesome. We get to see her as she does typical school romance type things like eat a grain of rice stuck on a guy’s cheek, take food and tell him to open wide, call each other by […]

Amagami SS – Sae Arc End

Death by Moe! The only way to die-nyan~! The arc was fun, more than expected thanks to the narration which made it that much funnier. Sae was cute but wasn’t really a fan of her voice, Konno Hiromi, couldn’t even watch the full ED sequence. Which is weird considering I love Satomi Arai’s voice, which […]

Amagami SS – Voice From Above

The third arc of Amagami SS has one great thing the previous arcs didn’t, and that is THE VOICE OF GOD narration! The narration makes this arc a hella of a lot funnier than it’s supposed to be. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to this arc as Nakata Sae didn’t strike me as someone interesting […]