Amagami SS – Junichi the Fetish Master!

First we get the back of the knees, and now we get the belly button…IN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY {where Imouto saw them, and on the imouto thing, she isn’t as clingy as first arc, which I like}! If every girl gets their own body part, then Junichi deserves the Fetish Master title, but we shall see!


Although, I’m a bit disappointed he went for the belly button, SHOULD HAVE GONE FOR THE SEX HAIR! GO THE HAIR PRON ROUTE JUNICHI! He missed the chance, can’t load save point. Because of that, a random guy is getting some hair pron via Kaoru’s mama. Queue the dorama.

3 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Junichi the Fetish Master!

  1. I must say I am deeply moved. Junichi is proving to be no ordinary male lead, and being kinky is an exceedingly positive trait we should see more often in anime

    And still 18 eps left. I’m so excited! doki doki waku waku

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