Oh, Hey Guys


I don’t have anything for this occasion, which is a shame, IT’S A HUEG MILESTONE!!! I saw the hit counts about two days ago but that was not enough time to do something, probably another drawing. So yeah, I’ll settle with that image up there. Took 3 years {?} to reach a million!

I’ve been lazy to update recently {I’m usually Tweeting or on Melative} but, thanks to everyone who visit or stumble upon this blog despite the lacks of updates {and content for that matter}. THANK YOU!

I’ll continue with my own lackluster pace and see how far I’ll go.

12 thoughts on “Oh, Hey Guys

  1. Hi,

    I really enjoyed your Top Ten and found some really great songs through your site.

    Sad to see that there is none done for this year.

    But anyway, congrats for the 1 million views!

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