Touhou – I Can Haz Braggin’ Rights Now?

After who knows how long, maybe since the beginning of summer, I FINALLY HAVE BEATEN TOUHOU 06 WITHOUT A CONTINUE!


Man, that Patchouli sure was giving me trouble. She manages to take more than two or so lives from me. And I hate that. Sakuya also is a bitch, but not as much as Patchouli or her stage. As for Remilia, hmm, I wouldn’t say she’s hard, but she ALWAYS manages to beat me because I get all tense and make stupid little mistakes. And when that one life goes away, it goes to my head and I lose confidence. BUT THIS TIME I GAVE IT ALL AND BEAT HER! YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Shit quality video (must learn to encode properly)

Still not really a great run but, I’LL FREAKIN’ TAKE THIS VICTORY!

Okay next up is to beat the Extra Stage and then move on to Touhou 07 without a continue. I beat the game before with all three playable characters, but I used a continue on them so no e-peen stroking post. I also beat Touhou 08 with Reimu only.

Anyways, I got Ending 04 here, is that good? DO I GETS BRAGGIN’ RIGHTS!?

(Here’s the not so awesum replay if you’re interested.)

10 thoughts on “Touhou – I Can Haz Braggin’ Rights Now?

  1. Finally yay! XD practie makes perfect man!
    oi no bragging rights till you beat hard then we’ll talk :)

    BTW our blogs have the same layout hahah but mines in a 1 year hiatus haha :3


      I knew this wouldn’t give me braggin’ rights. IF, BIG HUEG IF, I beat it on Hard, I’ll be told I need to beat Lunatic I bet.


    Talk to me once you’ve done Lunatic, only Vertical movement, no hit, no bomb, no continues (well, obviously if you don’t get hit), pacifist mode.

    (Don’t mind that I’m still on easy mode with continues)

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