Amagami SS – Haruka Arc End

So this brings an end to Morishima Haruka’s arc, which I found a bit facepalm worthy. He reminded her of her dead doggy? I lolwtf’d…that gotta suck for Junichi. (BTW…this is the first time I remembered his name, and…JUNICHI!? 2L8ForDaCapo jokes -_-)

Anyways, props to Junichi and managing to keep a hook on Haruka FOR TEN YEARS! Seriously, he managed to keep her attention/interest for ten whole years. Like I said before, Haruka is too much of a handful, she won’t stay still and if she is not constantly being entertained she’ll just go off somewhere else. Even ten years later, Junichi is somehow keeping her entertained, like up there where he’s acting like he came to arrest someone.

Here’s hoping the next girl is a bit more easier to handle (for Junichi). I’m waiting for sports girl though…THAT SHORT HAIR~~~~~

6 thoughts on “Amagami SS – Haruka Arc End

  1. I guess this means they never got bored of doing ecchi things in 10 years, which sounds pretty nice. They kept it fresh. I think they’re one of the best anime couples I’ve seen of late

    • lol Yeah, thing in bed would be more interesting than the everyday happenings for them!

      I don’t think they’re the best couple…something just doesn’t click with me. Mainly on Tachibana’s side.

  2. Short hair and tight bod amiright. I liked this arc thanks to Haruka and Itou’s awesome Engrish inserts. lol Hopefully all the arcs can stay at this level.

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