Touhou – I Can Haz Braggin’ Rights Now?

After who knows how long, maybe since the beginning of summer, I FINALLY HAVE BEATEN TOUHOU 06 WITHOUT A CONTINUE! HELLA FUKKEN YEAH!!!! Man, that Patchouli sure was giving me trouble. She manages to take more than two or so lives from me. And I hate that. Sakuya also is a bitch, but not as […]

Amagami SS – Haruka Arc End

So this brings an end to Morishima Haruka’s arc, which I found a bit facepalm worthy. He reminded her of her dead doggy? I lolwtf’d…that gotta suck for Junichi. (BTW…this is the first time I remembered his name, and…JUNICHI!? 2L8ForDaCapo jokes -_-) Anyways, props to Junichi and managing to keep a hook on Haruka FOR […]