Strike Witches 2 – Badass Sakamoto

Having reached the legal age, and thus no longer desirable, Sakamoto Mio can no longer use her witch magic properly, she is kinda like a sitting duck in the skies. But that does not stop our Sakamoto, she brands Geass, a magical sword, and the best armor the army can provide and heads off to fight a high-tech LAZOR shootin alien {?} and takes it down WITH ONE SWIPE OF HER MAGICAL SWORD!

Total badassery right thurr! Well, it wasn’t completely destroyed as it used it’s haxors and moved it’s core around just barely dodging all attacks. So our whole cast of witches re-unite to take it down. I felt an odd sense of de ja vu as the fighting sequence went on, then I realized that was the footage from the first scene of the first episode. Everyone took their turns being re-introduced and attacking. I was thinking they were gonna do the tri-something-or-other formation but then realized that was for Sky Girls…derp. -_-

So instead they let Sakamoto take the final hit as she cut through a hueg lazor, the neuroi, and the core all in one swoop!

Victory Pose!

So with the Neuroi destroyed the whole gang get with the reuniting hugs and bewb grabbing, they also don’t get any punishments for leaving their posts and instead are ordered back into the 501st something or other battalion. Yay leniency! Next time, the witches take to the skies…IN BROOMS! LOL Sounds fun.

(I really gotta pay attention to names and terms…I already forgot the name of the magical sword.)

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