Amagami SS – A New Fetish?

More over armpits there’s a new fetish in town!

LOL Wow, I seriously did not expect Tachibana to choose behind the knees to kiss. Seeing him on all four previous episode’s preview, I thought he would go for the butt. This though was the perfect choice since Morishima must be entertained/surprised AT ALL TIMES! Seriously, she hates being bored and cannot stay still! TAKE SOME RITALIN MORISHIMA!

There’s no way I myself would be able to keep up with her let alone keep her entertained like Tachibana does. She’s such a handful, but pretty awesome. (Also, love her “wow”)

So, what do you think of kissing behind the knees?

Imouto doesn’t seem to like.

5 thoughts on “Amagami SS – A New Fetish?

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