Mitsudomoe – Disgusting

Ewwww the first half of this episode was naaaaaaasty! Futaba gets sick and she sneezes snot all over the place, enough to tie rope the teacher with it. But that’s nothing compared to the next scene. The doji nurse does what a doji nurse does and trips over nothing, spilling urine samples all over the place and stepping on them and spraying it all over everyone!

But it gets even nastier as she mistakes one of the urine samples as disinfectant and used it to treat Mitsuba (pictured)! ldjsaflksjad lf;jsadlk fjlsajflskda`1~~!!!! EEEEEWWWWW!

Oh man that’s just wrong…BUT I WAS LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!! lol

Also, Hitoha blackmail! What she’ll do just to see Nipples everyday. ;)

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