Summer ’10 Anime – Part 02

Strike Witches 2

Hella yeah! PATSU WITCHES! This alone makes me love this season already! ;)

High School of the Dead

Image links to where I stole the screenshot from ;)

I wasn’t really excited for this so when it aired, I didn’t dive in to watch it. But after seeing people and their dogs talking about it, I gave in and watched it. I gave it a chance thinking I may come to like zombies again, but I am no longer interested in the zombie genre (if it even is a genre). Zombies suck, they gotta be the least exciting supernatural creature to fight…I don’t really like it, I won’t continue watching this.

There was one thing that would have kept me watching, that was Inoue Marina, but she voices an annoying character so there goes my incentive ~_~

Sekimatsu Occult Gakuin

This anime tried to be funny…and it failed. I admit the occult thing caught my interest, moreso than High School of the Dead, but this wasn’t meeting my {low} expectations. I was gonna stop watching this after this first episode but I decided to give it another chance. The last scene there was hilarious! Let’s see if it keeps my interest during the second ep.

I was planning on having five series here…but these are the only ones I’ve watched ~_~

6 thoughts on “Summer ’10 Anime – Part 02

  1. Not even one of my favorite seiyuu, Inoue Marina, would make me watch that zombie show

    I really wanna set Lucchini’s luscious butt as wallpaper, but that would (entirely) destroy my reputation at home, lol

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