Oh, Hey Guys

Yeah…OVER ONE MILLION!!!!!! I don’t have anything for this occasion, which is a shame, IT’S A HUEG MILESTONE!!! I saw the hit counts about two days ago but that was not enough time to do something, probably another drawing. So yeah, I’ll settle with that image up there. Took 3 years {?} to reach a […]

Amagami SS – Haruka Arc End

So this brings an end to Morishima Haruka’s arc, which I found a bit facepalm worthy. He reminded her of her dead doggy? I lolwtf’d…that gotta suck for Junichi. (BTW…this is the first time I remembered his name, and…JUNICHI!? 2L8ForDaCapo jokes -_-) Anyways, props to Junichi and managing to keep a hook on Haruka FOR […]

Amagami SS – A New Fetish?

More over armpits there’s a new fetish in town! LOL Wow, I seriously did not expect Tachibana to choose behind the knees to kiss. Seeing him on all four previous episode’s preview, I thought he would go for the butt. This though was the perfect choice since Morishima must be entertained/surprised AT ALL TIMES! Seriously, […]