Touhou – The End of the Maiden’s Illusion


Here I am, getting all emotional by this wonderful story and close to tears by the happy ending, then we see the last four panels and see it was all a movie script by Nitori! Damn Kappa!!! You made my manly tears become RAEG TEARS!!!


Great troll…

lol Man I feel kinda cheated. This was such a good story pulling at the hearts strings and it all comes to moot by the last four panels. But at least the fake story came to a good conclusion, it was a great read so I’ll forgive that troll end. XD

Reimu was not amused

One thought on “Touhou – The End of the Maiden’s Illusion

  1. Hi5 I totally remember reading this and raging at the ending. It was just an epic story though, and the ending, although not what I expected, was still damn epic. One of my favorites :D

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