I Have Completed my First Touhou Game

The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Result Screen


Compared to other people, my stats up there are piece of garbage, but DANGIT IT’S MY FIRST TOUHOU GAME COMPLETION RESULTS AND I’M GONNA COMMEMORATE IT!!

Oh man, this game is hard. Seriously. Compared to other Touhou games I’ve played (Perfect Cherry Blossom & Mountain of Faith), Embodiment of Scarlet Devil is by far the most challenging. I think it’s because in this game you cannot see the hit box when you focus like in the other games, which had made me run into bullets when trying to do precision dodging (or as I call it “FRANTICALLY TRYING TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY”).

The other factor is that I simply suck at Touhou, how else can Cirno take away 2+ lives if one doesn’t suck!? This play through though, she took only one~ The one taking the most lives and making me continue was Sakuya. I don’t know her pattern yet so I kept running into her knives. I lost the most with Remilia. She made me use up the last continues I had. And at the final spell card, I had ZERO lives and ZERO bombs (not that it affects her anyways, but it clears the bullets)!!!!

I WAS SHITTING BRICKS DURING THAT FINAL SHOWDOWN. And once I heard that boss death BGM, I literally froze and stared at the screen in disbelief.

I, 53RG10, had done what I once thought was impossible, I BEAT MY FIRST TOUHOU GAME~~~

This though, is only one game. I have other Touhou games (7-12) waiting for me to complete! I dunno, maybe I’ll come back and try to beat it with no continues at all…which is a lot closer to impossible than simply beating the damn game. I’ll make use of practice mode and attempt it…someday.

For now, I’ll bathe in my first victory~~~

7 thoughts on “I Have Completed my First Touhou Game

  1. Congratulations! I remember when I first almost beat EoSD the first time… I died to a danmaku as Remilia was exploding. I raged SOOOO hard. Glad to see that wasn’t the case here though :3

  2. Sorry to tell you, but yeah, if you used 3 continues to beat it you really suck XD I thought you beat it without continues

    • Well, it took a week or so of playing but I managed to beat it. Now though, I can beat it with one continue! Aiming to beat it with no continues at all.

      • I hope you can beat it with no continues at all, because after that you’ll see how easy the rest of the games are, except Subterranean Animism, that’s just crazy XD

  3. Oh hehehe that’s better than me, IN with no continues

    on easy

    Seriously, it’s better IMO if you play easy modo without continues than normal with, cause continuing beats the fun out of Touhou; Touhou’s about dodging the bullets, not some of them, ALL OF THEM :P

    And no easy modo isn’t just for kindergarteners; it’s for both kindergarteners and mushrooms ;_;

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