Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Reset End?

Wait, whut!?

I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the hell was going on these past three or so episodes of Daimaou. One thing for sure is though, I know Akuto wants to take down god. Other than that, I didn’t quite know what was going on, especially on that mess of an episode that was episode 10! Or was it 11? I don’t remember but it was all over the place!

On one side we have Akuto who is trying to save Keena from that one blond guy (and take down god).

On another side we have the blond guy who’s name I forgot and wants to control the gods using Keena, who is some Instrumentality thingy. Yeah…

On another side we have the ninjas of the Hattori family who are working under Teruya…I guess because Teruya is stronger/influential??

On another we have the ninjas of the Teruya family, who’s head was killed by the daughter Eiko for some reason I forgot. To be the head I guess? I dunno.

Then we have this dude who is working with Eiko and betrays her. I think. He was showing an evil face the whole time and he sent in that rubber dude in to attack Etou (who was inside the academy). What the hell was he trying to do!?

Then we have the super hero wanna be Hiroshi who wants to stop Akuto because he believes himself to be a hero who will save the world (from god’s destruction).

Fuck. Seriously what the fuck was going on!? I didn’t understand and just shut off my brain and simply watched explosions go boom. But after that episode things turned out better. I still don’t know what the hell was going on but all I cared about was Akuto, Keena, and the destruction of the god system (or whatever).

And yeah Akuto killed god (with the help of the dragon) and everyone but a select few forgot what happened and forgot all about the Demond Lord. One of them being Hattori Junko. So when they all went back to school and Akuto got another reading, and once again being told he’ll be a Demon Lord, Junko goes back to what she was in the first few episodes.


DAMMIT! It almost ended on a good note for me! WHY THE HELL DID THEY HAVE TO GO AND RESET!!???

*sigh* Oh well.

As a whole the anime was alright. It had fun and enjoyable first episodes, but the latter part was confusing, all over the place, and had a reset ending…something which I absolutely hate to see. Maybe there will be a second season to this, he did take down god but…there seems to be more than one. If there is, will I give it a watch? Hmm…Considering the overall enjoyment I had watching this, I think I might.

Would I recommend it? No. Anime I like seems to be disliked by other people -_-

Besides, it’s fanservicey so there goes half the crowd.

4 thoughts on “Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Reset End?

  1. Haven’t watched the last episode yet, but well, it’s getting too confusing and random – and since I watch it in Japanese, it gets even more confusing because of the weird words they sometimes use. But to be honest, I was watching it for the fanservice and harem, not for the action and the story!

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  3. I think they just left it open so he’s going to kill another god because if memory serves there are three and they only took down one….. I will say a hint would have been better than what they did since the memory wipe is now all for naught. I hope the series continues so we can get some closure.

  4. Supposedly there was actual build up and foreshadowing for everything in the last four episodes in the light novels but they skipped all that to add in more fanservice for the anime. I honestly have very little clue what the hell was going on since I can’t find a good summary and haven’t read the light novels yet.

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