B Gata H Kei – The Demon Wins

“Demon Electronics”

Oh man, what a way to kill the mood! They were almost there! XD

They went a lot further than I thought they would. Seriously, I didn’t think they’ll both be naked under the same covers and about to go at it. But didn’t they technically “did it”? He put it in the hole…the wrong hole but, technically, did it. lolol

But yeah, once those hands started flailing around the air I knew something would impede them from driving it home! Stupid Demon Electronics and their faulty rotating love beds! >:(

This was the last episode, and for a final episode, it was freaking hilarious. Especially the bit with the nurse Yamada~! Laughed my ass off watching that. The whole series was pretty fun to watch. People will shy away because of the description but it not really like that. Yamada does want to have 100 sex buddies and comes out sounding like a [teenaged] whore, but she’s not even close to what a whore would be. She has absolutely ZERO experience in love, let alone sex, so watching her attempt to bed a guy and fail each and every time, though expected and repeated, was still fun to watch.

I wouldn’t mind watching and OVA where they go all the way ;)

3 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei – The Demon Wins

    • That is why you can turn round the bed so that you don’t have to see them.

      It has been a great show. With a description sounding like much too ecchi it became a romance-comedy as we like it.

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