B Gata H Kei – Reaching 2nd Base

Oh my, they have gone further than I expected (considering the previous episodes and Yamada’s unsuccessful streak). And man Kanejou here was hilarious! She seriously wanted to see it all live! XD

And what’s this, they finally reach 2nd base and Yamada goes and decides to go back to first and take it easy. The game is almost over why is she taking it easy!?!?!

Well, I knew that would happen and I’m okay with it. We know very well Yamada aint no whore, just a girl with a very vivid imagination~ [Kanejou X Doberman LOLOLOLOL]

3 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei – Reaching 2nd Base

  1. Kanejo x Doberman. That has scarred me for life

    Fortunately, Yamada’s “rehabilitation” is almost complete! Rather than a whore, I think she was just too crazy and prone to fantasizing – and even if she was obsessed with sex, she knew too little, lol!

    Although poor Kosuda, now that he was truly in the mood…

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