Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – Shouta Demon Lord

Woah, I think Akuto was more of a bad-ass when he was a little kid. He’s here denying the existence of God in front of believers and a church run orphanage! Pretty ballsy!

This episode was VERY confusing for me. I felt like something was odd as it started with Junko practicing a way to ask Akuto to accept her [political] marriage interview/proposal. What the hell!? How the hell this happened!? Seriously something is amiss. I then realized I somehow forgot to watch episode 08. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Damn it, I knew this was odd. Well, I’m off to watch ep 08 and then this one again and see if it makes a bit more sense and maybe give more information on this Keena ordeal. Apparently she’s destined to be a vessel for god[s]. Also, this yellow haired dude with a sword said he was the one who gave her the bird ornament.

Edit: So yeah, it seems that dude did give that ornament to someone. But that someone had yellow hair unlike Keena. And that marriage interview was all Korone’s doing XD

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