I Lost my Second Aniblog Round


I was so close! Just 21 votes needed for the win! >_<

This makes me sad, this means people didn’t vote for me because they hate my blog, so you know what this means:


I will no longer watch anime and I will no longer be near people who watch anime. It was a fun ride but now I’m quitting, and I was so close to the million hits :( 904,073 as of now.

spoiler*This of course is all LIEZ! XD*spoiler

30 thoughts on “I Lost my Second Aniblog Round

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  2. I voted for you, I think. Or not. Anyway, it’s good you lost. If you won, I cannot imagine the awesome post you will have. ^^

  3. I Love your =53RG10′s Top Ten= !!! It shows your passion for music and the artworks of anime :)
    there just aren’t so many open-minded ppl out there XD

  4. *patpat* I voted for you too /o/
    That being said, give you’re you, I realized this post being a farce as soon as I saw the first letters XD

  5. if you want to quit because you lost this shitty blog tourney, then by all mean you should. we don’t want such limp dick in the blogsphere anyway.

    just so you know, I voted for you. Hmpf!

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