B Gata H Kei – Bad Oujou-sama Laugh

Our favorite virgin whore gets some competition for campus queen. And this girl here has ALMOST everything a queen should have. She has the air of an heiress, she’s filthy rich, pretty, has drillin’ hair, and does the proper ojou-sama laugh…or so it seemed.

The stance is there, the hand placement is there, and even the “OOOhohohohoho” is there, but one thing is lacking…and that is HIGH PITCH! God her laugh is HORRIBLE!!! The ojou-sama laugh is supposed to PIERCE my ears and make them bleed. This was just bad…sounded like an old woman who can barely make any sounds.

Sorry new girl, you need to work on your laugh for me to deem you worthy.

Also, there wasn’t much sex deficient and sex crazed Yamada. I was sad :(

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