[Filler] Touhou – A Quick Word on Mei Ling

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If you’ve immersed yourself in the Touhou series just by even a bit, you might have heard or seen Mei Ling depicted as the weak and undependable Gate Guardian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. But you know what I think? I think she is one of the strongest characters in Gensoukyou. Maybe enough to give gods a run for their money.

But why do I think of her as one of the strongest?

Simple, I believe she’s a Dragon incarnate. (Chinese/Japanese Dragon to be exact)

It’s not officially stated what type of Youkai she really is, but judging from her character profile and the symbol on her star. I can’t believe she is anything else but a Dragon, one of the most revered and benevolent mythical creatures.

The reason she gets beaten up is because she isn’t really putting up a fight. And the reason why she doesn’t do her job properly as a gate guardian is because she allows Marisa and crew into the Mansion…to keep her mistress Remilia company and stop her from being bored, if only for a short amount of time (in Youkai years), at the cost of her ‘disobedience’.

If she really wanted to, I believe she could take down just about ANYONE. But she is a benevolent dragon, so she would never want to do that!


At least, that’s what I think about Mei Ling.

Though I must admit, I like the way she is depicted in most doujinshis ;)

6 thoughts on “[Filler] Touhou – A Quick Word on Mei Ling

  1. Hong Meiling post? I’m there.
    I’m a firm believer of dragon incarnate. Meiling’s awesome doujin material if she secretly has the backing of the most powerful indigenous creatures in Gensokyo.
    And well, I suppose she’d just be a youkai in terms of species, that generic labeling given to say, Alice. Youkai anthropomorphus?

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