K-ON!! – What Would You do With a Wad of Cash?

I’m with Yui on this one!!! I WANNA BE SLAPPED IN THE FACE WITH A WAD OF CASH~~~~

and then I’ll spend it. :D

Stealing the episode though, was my lovely Ritsu~ Not only did she look so cute in the scene where they were explaining the value of the guitar, but SHE FREAKIN ATE THE RECIEPT!!! TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM RITSU~~<3

Hahaha~ she’s awesome~

8 thoughts on “K-ON!! – What Would You do With a Wad of Cash?

  1. Yui = KyoAni

    I love K-ON but they should have animated another one of Jun Maeda’s masterpieces. PA Works is having a really hard time with pacing Angel Beats correctly.

  2. A wad of cash?

    I´d probably adjust my computer: SSD disc, some more storage space and another copy of Win7.

    Or a couple of games. Or try to recreate my computer in a smaller scale with a new computer case and SSD disc.

    What I should be doing with a wad of cash is to save it. Have so little funds to do fun stuff for now so.

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