Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou – LOLBOT

It doesn’t matter if it’s a human, a robot, or an Asian…if they snicker at your elephant, you’re done for. There’s nothing that can help you now! XD XD XD

Well, the second episode of Daimaou was certainty A LOT more enjoyable than the first one thanks to LOLBOT Korone. She was fun watch~ Also, I like that nudist girl, forgot her name but she has red hair and seems to have a past with our Demon Lord. That bird pendant will be important along the way me thinks. Too bad she’s invisible for most of the time, no fun if we can’t see anything right?

This ep gave me a bit o faith on Daimaou, if it stays as funny and as enjoyable as this episode I’ll forgive the first ep. Seriously, I think it’s because of the blue haired girl. She didn’t show up much in this episode, maybe that’s why I liked it! XD

Regardless, will keep watch on Daimaou~

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