Mayoi Neko Overrun! – My Type of Princess

Rich: Check.
Haughty: Check.
Servants/followers/maids: Check.
Ojousama laugh: Check.
Ojousama laugh with hand gesture: CHECK~<3 <– love that!

*does ojousama hand gesture* Hohohohohoho~ XD

Sorry ’bout that… -_-


Mayoi Neko’s first episode was jammed packed with Fumino tsundere, you see it in every other scene, but that’s fine because the voice of that tsundere is Kanae Itou~ [of Shugo Chara and Railgun fame]! Orgasm for mah ears ;) But of course, stealing the first episode was princess Chise, she’s acts all high and mighty to our cast but all she really wants are friends. She just sucks at expressing herself~

Plus she’s a cute loli so extra moe points to her!

Also, one more thing, I’m glad the male lead character knows how his tsundere works. Unlike other male leads who always cause the staple misunderstanding with their tsunderes. Idiots. This guy shows promise. He’ll know what Fumino really means when she says she hates him, and she will definitely say it…being tsundere and all! ;)

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