Eating My Words – New Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR!

Click Image for Original Size: 3355×2365 [3.7MB]

Remember when I said that image up there was My Favorite Shameimaru Aya image EVAR!? Well, I have to take that back now. I still love the image and will remain a favorite. But one currently new image has taken the spot for My Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR, and that image is this one:

Pixiv Sauce


The scaled sized doesn’t give it justice, so I urge you guys to view the full size!

I absolutely love the way Aya is posing there with all that going on behind her. Like she’s not fazed by the destruction nor her clothes getting torn apart. I also like how her wings are transparent and barely noticeable. I could stare at this for the whole day~ which is why I made it my new desktop wallpaper~ XD

Thanks to Paper Dream for sharing! ;)

10 thoughts on “Eating My Words – New Favorite Shameimaru Aya Image EVAR!

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