B Gata H Kei – I lol’d

Hahaha~ so the girl who dreams of being a slut and bedding with 100 partners is scared/surprised by an erection so much that she runs away! lolwut

And here I was thinking she was very knowledgeable in her career path. She doesn’t even have ANY experience whatsoever. No boyfriend no nothing. XD

I liked this ep, I thought it was funny. It’s not often we get to see the girl having the ecchi thoughts and FAILING completely at her plans. Also, Tamura Yukari in the lead role of Yamada is LOLZ! CHERRY-KUN~

10 thoughts on “B Gata H Kei – I lol’d

    • She’s not ready mentally.


      –Genie in a Bottle [Christina Aguilera]

      This will now be my theme song for B Gata H Kei~

  1. LOL, the screencaps you posted were my second favorite scene. I didn’t think they’d actually show “it”, and then the camera panned down.

  2. I was wondering why and how anyone could think of this as a storyline for a show.

    So at first I couldn´t really finish the episode. It destroys any mindset I have of girls and I think I´ll start praying to God that no such woman/girl as Yamada exists. Then I took courage to me and watched the whole thing.


    And how can you not expect an erection when you lead the guy on? Stupid bitch!!

    I overcame my thoughts of the weirdness pretty fast and if it doesn´t go to much overboard I´ll continue with the show.

    • C’mon…girls aren’t all innocent as you think. The ladies can be just as perverted as we can~

      But I guess it’s fine because she isn’t really whore material…at least IMO. Yeah, she’s flashing this guy left and right but, it’s only ONE guy [so far]!

  3. I think her plan was ‘wing it’ … I mean, she didn’t really think much through, …. like a 5-yr old wanting a Bentley … there’s steps involved they don’t see. lolol

    • I don’t think she even came up with the “Wing it” plan…she KNOWS she’s the school idol so she may be thinking she can snag anyone so very easily!

      But of course, she is her own greatest obstacle.

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