[Filler] A Bit o’ Twintail Love

05 – Rin’s Dark Flowing Twins

Rin’s twintails flow into the rest of her hair and seem to disappear into them. We can’t really seem them, they’re a bit shy, but we know they’re there.

04 – Primula’s Purple Devils

Is her hair really [light] purple? The image made me question it. >_> But regardless, her twintails are very nice~ Maybe the usage of ribbons would make them more awesome?

03 – Miku’s Leektastic Twintails

I love Miku’s design, the colors chosen for her complement each other so good that nothing stands out too much than the others. She’s VERY pleasant to look at. And the thing I like to stare at the most is, aside from her shima pantsu [NSFW], is her long twintails! Chibi-tize them and it’s automatic win~

02 – Fate’s Golden Delicacy

Like I mentioned up there with Miku, I love long twin tails, the occasional small twin tail is fine, but it all lies on the long twintails. Miku and Fate’s are both cute and up to my preferences, they would tie for the same spot but Fate has something over Miku, and that’s hair color. Blond/Gold hair looks more beautiful than Aqua/Green hair. That’s not to say Miku’s is ugly, it’s just that I prefer the Golden Delicacy that Fate sports~

01 – Airi’s Super Twintails

I recently watched the first season of Queen’s Blade, and ever since the appearance of Airi, I’ve been thinking about her delicious twintails. Not only does she have a maid outfit and hat, but the color of her hair and THE TWO SETS OF TWINTAILS IS MAJOR WIN! That’s right TWO sets. If you look at the image up there, you’ll see that right above her large and delicious twintails, you’ll see a smaller and cuter set!! That’s right, Airi takes the win with the maid outfit PLUS the two sets of twintails~

Also, add Kanae Ito voice to her and I Hgggnnn~~ uncontrollably! XD I think she may join the ranks of Komaki Manaka

8 thoughts on “[Filler] A Bit o’ Twintail Love

  1. Hands down the best twintails EVAH!!!

    Good selection though… Airi’s definitely hot, but no Mashimaro’s Micchan is a crime. Here I am to redeem your sin…

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