[Filler] A Bit o’ Twintail Love

A quick filler post on a few favorite twintails and the characters sporting them. I was thinking of going through the list of twintail characters from the Twintail Club over at My Anime List…but damn, that’s too many and too much time needed for a simple filler post. And so, what I decided to do was simply post my top ten twintails that came to mind! Easy~

Bit of warning, most of these are because of recent effects.

10 – Etna’s Devilish Set

Let’s start with Etna’s spiky Twin Tails. Most twin tails flow down the character’s shoulder, but Etna’s protrude outwards making them look like a Maple Leaves…or at least that’s how I see them >_>

09 – Kuroko’s Delicious Curves

Watakushi no~?

Wavy Twintails look nice~<3 it gives them a little bit of class. And with Kuroko sporting them, I get treated to a very voice that I cannot help but love! XD

08 – Yayoi’s Childish Twins


I like Yayoi’s twintails because I don’t notice them, but yet, I can’t imagine her without them. Yeah, that’s odd. What I’m trying to say is that it’s part of what makes Yayoi and it doesn’t distract from every energetic and childish Yayoi herself.

Damn, I don’t think I’m explaining correctly what I’m thinking…dammit! I JUST LIKE THEM!!!

07 – Teto’s Drill Set

Teto has two things going for her here, the twintails and the DRILLS! XD There are many characters with sets like this, like the recent Flameheart from Ladies Versus Butlers!, dang, hers are freakin’ HUEG!!!, but I like Teto’s ’cause they’re smaller and cuter~<3

06 – Ayumu’s Short Twintails

And speaking of cute, AYUMU’S SET ARE SO DAMN ADORABLE!! The tails doesn’t necessarily need to be long for them to be effective!

You can also blame my adoring affection for Hamster~


8 thoughts on “[Filler] A Bit o’ Twintail Love

  1. Hands down the best twintails EVAH!!!

    Good selection though… Airi’s definitely hot, but no Mashimaro’s Micchan is a crime. Here I am to redeem your sin…

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