Kiddy GiRL-AND – A Small Annoyance

Who would have though an imouto acting pony tailed Q-Feuille would be so god damn annoying!? I absolutely love the pony tail and her new clothes, but god damn, the way she speaks and is all over Gaeckter annoyed the hell outta me. It’s was just another Luteucia! >_< GRRRRRRR!!! >:(

But in awesomer news, FINALLY, finally it is revealed that Q-Feuille is in fact a clone of Lumiere. I suspected she was a clone since episode 04. I was half right, she’s not really a clone of Troisienne, but a clone of Lumiere! [Just like Troisienne is…er…was.] While Ascouer is something else…not quite sure yet.

And with her memories erased, Q-Feuille attacks the GOTT building and confronts Ascouer and Di-Air…CLIFFHANGER!!! FFFFFFFFFF

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