Happy Valentines 2010!

So you clicked to see the second page eh? Well, there’s nothing here but a me talking a bit about the image up there~

Actually, there’s not much to say. I knew I wanted to do something for Valentines again, so I thought I would draw something. It would be boring if it’s the same Suisei image.

Are you saying I’m boring to draw 53RG10-sama?
Ah, that’s not it, I mean, I wanna try drawing other characters!!!
O…OK then…
Anyways, without a subject, I was thinking what/who I should draw and then I saw the Katawa Shoujo post on Kotaku…and my subject was decided. I remember playing it when it came out and liking Shizune~

Which is funny, I wanted Shizune, but my first run through ended with Hanako… ”’orz Well, Hanako is fine to~ XD

So Shizune ended up being my subject. But why is Hanako the opening image you ask? Well, that’s because MY Shizune didn’t come out looking like Shizune at all :(

I think it’s the eyes, they’re too rounded…”’orz But I can’t quite put my finger on it…She also looks a bit like Nagato Yuki.

With 1 day left ’till Valentines, I made some VERY quick edits and opted to make Hanako instead…which in my opinion, looks better than the Shizune one.

I also tried coloring and shading the hair differently. Rather than cell shading, like most of my images, I tried doing something different. I think it looks good on Shizune, but Hanako’s is too bright… -_- I realized it too late.

That’s pretty much it, have a fun Valentines Day…or treat it like any other day~ ;)

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