Kiddy GiRL-AND – Exposition!

Okay, the first part was was 100% LOLWTF!? with that whole school setting and DELICIOUS SCHOOL UNIFORM Q-FEULLEI, I had to make sure I was watching the correct episode [15]. ~_~

But the second part had some juicy exposition. I wondered just what were Q-Feulle, Ascouer and D-Air. Can’t be sure abou Q-Feuille and D-Air, but it seems Gaeckter or however you spell his name…what’s with the character names in this anime?, is Ascouer’s older brother! They were born in a lab, like Q-Feuille, and after a freak accident they were able to escape alive, Ascouer losing her memories in the process…or maybe the GTO erased her memories.

Also, because she has the same powers as Trixie, I think she may be a clone of her…maybe. ~_~

Thing will [hopefully] reveal themselves, for now, I’ll THOROUGHLY enjoy the Q-Feuille and Ascouer kissing scene~ XD

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