Chu-Bra!! – Surprise Visit

Komachi was the last person I thought would be the one to visit her. The reason of the visit was because he felt it was his fault Nayu’s fitting session turned out into a disaster. He was the one who caused all the commotions while trying to take care of the peeping toms. He only meant to apologize to her, but seeing as Nayu was giving up on her club, he got a bit carried away with his MANLY speech and confessed his love said he would help her!

Surprised by his own words

Hahaha Komachi is a man of his words! Seeing has the club may have no chance of starting up, Komachi suggests an Underwear Appreciation Association instead of a club. It won’t be an official club with their own clubroom and funding, but they can get together and appreciate underwear!

Also, props to Komachi for being a good character, thought he would be comic relief only. He’s making a GIRL outta Nayu! Not that she wasn’t a girly before, I mean she’s now getting a bit embarrassed when a boy sees her underwear!

So apparently, Keigo and Mizuno-sensei knew each other in High School, well, more like knew OF each other. Mizuno obviously had a crush on him, still does, but all he remembers is “Hey you’re the chick with the tits!” He didn’t actually say it that way but he might as well have! XD

And for another surprise visit, here comes Kiyono Amahara proclaiming she wants to join the newly founded Underwear Appreciation Association! This girl has been making quick appearances through the first four episodes. Is she FINALLY gonna be onscreen for more than 15 seconds? I know of a certain harem master who has been waiting for her since episode one!

Let’s see what she brings to the underwear table, probably sexy ADULT underwear! XD

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